US$16 USBFever Mouse Has Built-In Speaker and Microphone For...?

USBFever_Multifunctional_VoIP_Speaker_Mic_Mouse.jpgOK, at first it sounds nifty: USBFever is selling a wired mouse with a built-in mono speaker and a detachable wired microphone, ostensibly for the purposes of convenient VOIP calling. But after pondering the details of this admittedly affordable contraption for a few moments, the entire scheme seems to unravel.

First of all, what PC doesn't come with speakers these days? Even the crappiest Aldi special has a cheap speaker bundle or offer of some kind. Microphones are a little harder to come by in the desktop realm, for sure, but no laptop worth a damn has anything short of an integrated VGA cam with noise-cancelling microphone and speakers these days.

If you do happen to find a good use for this 3-in-1 mouse, keep this in mind, too: it doesn't juggle audio in and out through USB like pricier tech, but rather uses the less elegant but more straightforward 35mm pink and green speaker and mic plugs, as you can see in the helpful explanatory illustration below. [Product Page via SlashGear]


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