Ziovia Announces ClearStream C615 HD Network Media Player


We have generally been very impressed with what Ziovia has to offer in the media streaming market, and their latest effort, the CS615, seems to be no exception. The new model will be able to stream a plethora of different media formats in HD, thanks to an integrated HDMI output. The ClearStream CS615 really has lots to boast about—jump for the impressive specifications.

Some of the file types supported, include MP3, WAV, AAC, MPEG-4 / H.264, WMV9,.JPG, GIF and pretty much every other file type in between. Disappointingly, it will not feature wireless connection to your network; instead, 10/100 Ethernet ports will allow wired connectivity. There is no DVD drive present either, but Ziovia has filled the gap with an internal HDD caddy and a USB 2.0 connection port. We think it looks great, and given how pleased we have been with Ziovia in the past, we'll be surprised if this shapes up to be anything but a nifty piece of kit. The device will retail at $US329, and will be launched in March 2008. Expect a full review when it lands. [PR Release]

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