Wrecked Sci-Fi Models Are Even Cooler Than Brand New Ones

kit_16_Good2.jpgWe love perfectly shiny stunning aircraft models, but these wrecked sci-fi models that attracts us even more. It may be the fascination with their decadence or that they remind us of ourselves after a Friday night out, who knows, but there's something irresistible about seeing a huge gallery of AT-ATs frozen in time, destroyed Star Trek ships or rusty Terminators:

TerminatorRed PlanetJunkyard DogsBatman (it's not a car, but Jason will love this one)USS ConstellationVostok 1The ThingSea WitchN-1Viper Mk2IcaursAbandoned AT-ATAbandoned AT-ATAbandoned AT-ATAbandoned AT-ATAbandoned AT-ATApollo 13Apollo 13USS Kongo

These are some of the best entries of the 15th edition of Starship Modeller's Wrecks, a taste of an online contest that calls for modellers to create wrecks of anything they can think about: from figures and planes to famous spaceships, vehicles and full dioramas. The winning entry was that rustastic AT-AT, but I think my favourites are the Apollo XIII, the dead Terminator and the Batmobile crashing on the Xmas Tree. Can't get more kitsch and seasonal than that.

Obligatory David Bowie's Space Oddity while you click on those images:

[Spaceship Modeller]

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