Wireless RFID Deadbolt System: Unlock a Door with Your Mobile

Using a Phidget RFID Kit, a Kwikset Powerbolt 1000, relays, a PC board, wire, and some basic software, a couple of guys managed to piece together a unique new wireless door locking system. RFID locks are nothing new, but this lock can be controlled via an RFID key fob, laptop or even a cellphone. As you will see, the concept demonstrated has potential but it still needs some more tinkering to be truly practical.For example, the RFID key fob needs to be awkwardly passed over the knob to unlock the door from the outside —and by the time the mobile phone unlocked the door I could have used a regular key and already been inside drinking a beer. If the key fob were more powerful and the door could be unlocked with a single keystroke or two on a mobile phone it would be truly interesting. Plus, you wouldn't even need to have a lock on the outside of the door. [Trossen Robotics via Hacked Gadgets]

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