Wearable Computer Fashion Show Unveils Clothes of the Idiotic Future

lighthat.jpgLast weekend in Korea was the Wearable Computer Fashion Show, a glimpse into one possible future in which we all look like jackasses with technology arbitrarily attached to our bodies with no real rhyme or reason. Like this "Light Hat", for example, which makes no sense whatsoever. I mean, in the future, will we all require light surrounding our heads at all times, and will our necks be made synthetically stronger to support unnecessary electronics perched on our heads? And it only gets worse from there.keyboarddress.JPGOh, look, a dress with keyboards attached for some reason! I'm always like, "damn, I need a keyboard, if only I had a dozen of them stapled to my pants I would be able to get my work done on time, but alas! Perhaps in some sort of utopian future my problems will be addressed."

ebookvest.JPGAnd then there's this vest, which awkwardly has what appears to be eBook readers attached on both the front and the back of it. Why? Why not, I say. That seems to be the prevailing logic presiding over all of these, which eschew any type of functionality or rationality for "well, I've never seen that before" reactions. Nice work, boneheads. [Aving]

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