Waterfall Audio Speakers Deliver Shimmering Sound with Drivers Perched Inside Glass

waterfall_Victoria-Evo.jpgIf good looks translate into spectacular sound, these Waterfall Audio speakers might just take you to audio heaven. They're made of special glass that makes it look like the drivers are just floating there in mid-air. The Victoria EVO model you see here is a three-way design with four drivers, including a down-firing 8.5-inch passive woofer, a couple of 6-inch midrange drivers and a tweeter up top. Since we can't give these suckers a listen just yet, let's take a look at another picture of them head-to-toe.waterfall_Victoria-Evo-with.jpgWe especially like the way the drivers are all connected with flattened internal cables, hidden among the angles, nooks, crannies and corners of this stunning design. We're not sure how the Pear Cable crowd will like that arrangement, what with all the difference they think fat, solid-gold/copper cables make and all.

The pricing is what really surprised us, where we thought these 40-inch Victoria EVO speakers would cost $US50,000 or more, and here they are retailing for $US5,400 a pair. Their little brother, the 34-inch Iguasçu EVO, omits one of those midrange drivers and costs $US3,900 for a pair. Both models will be available in February or March of 2008. Just don't play any loud operatic soprano music through these babies, or you'll have a living room full of broken glass. [Waterfall Audio]

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