Warhol Sofa is a Three-Way Transformer

warhol_sofa_1.jpgIn the coming days when we're all going to be required to live in tiny cubbyholes, this Warhol Sofa by Simone Brewster will be an indispensable household item. That's because it's also a bed and desk, transforming into whichever accommodation you need at the time. Let's see its other two modes:

warhol_sofa_2.jpgWith this piece of furniture, you can live in one room, even a closet in New York.
warhol_sofa_3.jpgHey, you can save some money by taking up less space. It kinda reminds us of that transformer sofa we showed you last summer, but even more versatile. But what does it have to do with Andy Warhol? Maybe it's named Warhol because it's just weird. [Treehugger]

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