W00t Wins Webster's Word of the Year, Just Edges Out the Verb Facebook

w00t-yellowblue.jpgW00t, that expression of joy invented by gamers way back when Sonic and Tails were special friends, has been given the accolade of word of the year by Webster's dictionary. The word, which beat the verb "to facebook" has an uncertain providence: while some people think it is an acronym for "We own the other team", others believe it is a mere exhortation of joy, like "Yippee" or, as we say in my crib, "Huzzarahrah." My reaction is after the jump.meh.jpgIn a move of supreme populism, Websters invited people to vote online for a shortlist of 20 words, and it woz w00t wot won it. This was their official statement.

It's like saying "yay." It could be after a triumph or for no reason at all,"

Well come on, people, you could try a little harder than that sniffy little statement—after all, you are in charge of the book which defines every single word in the american language. [Yahoo! News]

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