Voltron Reeboks Unite Like Robot, But Form Messy Pile

reebok-voltron-pack.jpgIf you're a shoe head, robot geek or some combination of the two, these Voltron kicks may scream awesome to you. Reebok have released the Voltron Lion Force Pack, which feature five classic sneakers whose colourways correspond to one of the five Voltron robots.Three of the pairs (red, yellow, black) pull from Reebok's Pump line, which was an awesome, yet superfluous, piece of tech back in the day. The other two pairs (blue, green) are classic runners that are equally as flashy as their counterparts. And if that's not enough for you, each pair comes with the corresponding robot lion that will form Voltron if you're geeky rich committed enough to kick down for all five pairs. Available now for $US80-$135 depending on the pair. [Pick Your Shoes via Uncrate]

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