Vivid Audio G1 Giya Speakers Tap Into Mathematical Complexity

giya-g1-speakers_front.jpgFor those audiophiles to whom the word "overkill" means less than money itself, these 6-foot G1 Giya speakers by Vivid Audio might be the ultimate audio accoutrement. They're created by Laurence Dickie, designer of the gorgeous and respected B&W Nautilus speakers that take advantage of the secrets of the mathematical curve that ends up in a nautilus shape, theoretically interacting favourably with sound waves. We can't tell by looking how these hot red curlicues sound, but with their quoted frequency range of 23Hz to 44kHz, these 154-pounders have a fighting chance of sounding pretty damn good. They'd better, for $60,000. Never mind that they remind us of an elf's hat. [Vivid Audio, via Sonic Flair, via Audio Junkies]

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