Video: Smartcar Slams Into Concrete Barrier at 70MPH

Thank goodness there was no one sitting in this Smartcar when it hit the wall at 112km/h, but even though the German-made Mercedes vehicle is tiny, it's built like a truck. Remarkably, the door still opens after that tremendous impact. Maybe the Smartcar isn't a deathtrap after all. Although we still doubt such a crash would be survivable, this demo certainly changes our opinion of the safety of the diminutive Smartcar. We saw these cars all over the place on a recent trip to Montréal, and thought they looked way-cool, gadgety and almost toy-like. You might be seeing such cars around the United States sometime next year, and you can reserve a 2008 Smart fortwo now for $99. [SmartUSA, via New Launches]

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