Skype Mouse Combo Minimises Clutter And Optimises USB Ports

usb skype mouse.jpgThe Skype Mouse integrates two desktop essentials - the optical mouse and VoIP phone - into one nifty gadget. Featuring an 800 dpi optical sensor for precise pointer motions, the device switches seamlessly to phone mode when you flip open the lid to reveal a functional number pad and backlit LCD screen.

As a VoIP device, the Skype Mouse boasts compatibility with a number of services, including the obvious Skype. It can be programmed to access contact details through MS Outlook and a call log records Call List, Call History, Time and Caller ID details. Plus, there is also support for hands-free and speakerphone functions.

Unfortunately, while the Skype Mouse is multi-purpose, it is not dual purpose. You will not be able to use it as a mouse when on a VoIP call and it will not ring when the screen is closed. However, there's no denying that it performs pleasingly in both its modes, not to mention the brag factor guaranteed by owning such a desktop transformer. [Gadget Central]

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