USB Punch Head Cries Out in Anguish When You Pound Him

punch-head-ahh%5B1%5D.jpgPromote heavenly peace in your household with the USB Punch Head, who cries out when you smack him down. This grotesque effigy shrieks with pathetic, mournful protests and whines that might just get the dogs to start howling along. This could be the perfect antidote for all those annoying relatives invading your household for the holidays—just plug him into a USB port, and then you can slip into your computer lair whenever the stress gets to be too much, taking it all out on this stupid shrunken head.

What's that? This won't be available until March? Okay, use it for next Christmas, then. Meanwhile, it's back to fistfighting with the relatives again to settle your differences, or your could be like our family and hire an off-duty hockey referee to intervene in matters of interpersonal peculiarity. [Punch Head, via Coolest Gadgets]

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