USB Panic Button Gives New Meaning to Screen Savers

USB Panic button.jpgIt's an unfortunate paradox of life that the wonderful internets is often accessed via the machine on which you should be using for work. You're sitting at the desk, incessantly refreshing the page during the final minutes of that eBay auction. Or waiting for the second hand to tick over to 9:00am so you can book those gig tickets. Or better yet, gaping at all the cool new shiny things on Giz, when you hear footsteps coming and a bark of "What are you working on?"

This is where the Panic Button steps in. Instead of scrambling around madly trying to a) maximise the window that contains actual work-related content and b) minimise all the windows that contain incriminating content, simply: a) surreptitiously press that big red button, then b) watch smugly as a spreadsheet pops up onto the screen. Better yet, the Panic Button can be personalised to conjour up an actual document from your current work project. Brilliant! [Gadget Central]

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