USB MSN Missile Launcher Ads Video Streaming to Office Warfare

usb-rocket-launcher-cam.jpgWe've been following USB missile launcher development for some time now. And what we have witnessed today, ladies and gentleman, may be the greatest watershed moment in USB armament history. The USB MSN Missile Launcher features a webcam that, when coupled with MSN messaging service, allows your friends to shoot you from anywhere in the world. Wait a second...does that sound backwards to anyone else? We're guessing that the ultimate idea is for both ends of an IM chat to have access to USB weaponry, firing one another's missiles in an odd sort of truce-fueled if two opposing countries decided to attack themselves at will in order to save the trip. But we're guessing what was not said yet is that you can remotely control your own missiles as well, launching a full attack at coworkers while you stay home "sick" for the fifth time in a month. Just don't expect your MSN Missile Launcher to be fully functional upon your return.

We'll get you the full scoop during the missile launcher's official release at CES. Because we're sure that this specific research is why Gizmodo will be paying up the nose for a week of gambling, buffets and escorts. [cheeky via geekalerts]

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