Uniden Packs Radar Detector Inside MapTrax GPS for High-Tech Cop Spotting

Uniden_MapTrax_with_radar.jpgUniden hasn't been long in the GPS game, but its experience in high-end radar detectors goes back years and years. So it's no surprise that, come CES, it will be the first company to introduce a MapTrax GPS navigator with radar detection built in. We don't know much about them yet, like how the radar detection might be represented on a map, or if detection could help mark speed traps on the screen, but damn if it's not a start. People who note the placement of portable GPS navigators have asked me for years about this—"Why can't it have a 'fuzz buster' so I can see where all the cops are?" Well Dad, guess what? You're gonna get your wish. [Uniden]

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