Twike EV is the Flintstone's Wagon Painted Red

Twike%20EV%20GI.jpgWhat can $US26,000 buy you these days? Perhaps a pedal powered EV hybrid? The Twike was designed way back in the 80's, and it was put together by students in Switzerland who dreamt of the Flintstones every night a greener transportation mode. Germany's Fine Mobile GmBH took a liking to the invention, by adding electric batteries and regenerative braking, they are confident their product will sell fast. Jump for the impressive specifications.The Twike will be able to reach speeds of up to 85 km/h; it accelerates from 0 - 64 km/h in 9 seconds and the range of the car will be increased by 50% if you can convince Barney, who'd be sitting in the passenger seat, to pedal along with you. The power output produced between a passenger and the main driver would be 500W, which may not be enough to get you back to 1985, but it will be enough to allow the Twike to travel 128 kilometres on a single charge. Running on standard gas, for which there is an option, the EV hybrid will be able to achieve 909 kilometres per gallon. That means the Twike could take you from East to West coast on 15 litres of fuel! Eat your non-efficient heart out. Just to add to the bizarre factor, the vehicle uses a joystick for steering. Given all that, if you have fallen for the Twike's kooky outlook on life—get in line; the EV has sold out this year and there's a waiting list for next year's batch. [Born Rich]

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