Twelve 5-9 Q Watch Means Time-Telling has Never Been So Impenetrable

TWE009_L3.jpgTokyo Flash's latest addition to its Twelve 5-9 watch range, the Q, is an interesting timepiece. And by interesting, I mean that you probably need a PhD in disco-light time-telling to be able to work out just what it is you're late for. (May I just add that, by the time you've worked out the time, you're going to be even later than you originally were.) "How-To" masterclass is after the jump.


TWE009_L5.jpgGiz's resident boy genius Adrian has waxed lyricalabout similar watches before, but I just don't get 'em, I'm afraid. The Twelve 5-9 Q series is available in black and chrome and will be available in the first quarter of 2008. [Tokyo Flash via 7Gadgets]

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