Truck-Backflipping Rhys Millen Breaks a Bunch of Vertebrae to the Surprise of No One

rhysmillen.jpgBad news: Rhys Millen, the crazyperson who's been prepping to do a backflip in a truck on New Years Eve all week, had a little accident. OK, so not that little of an accident, but that's not going to keep him down!

After successfully landing the 360-degree backflip three times into the cardboard boxes in training, I am disappointed that our last jump ended in an accident. As I lay here in the hospital with three broken vertebrae in my neck and two compressed and broken vertebrae in my back, I am also disappointed that we cannot perform the 360-degree Red Bull Experiment on New Years Eve, but I'm happy that I will be able to walk again.

Well, that's the most unsurprising injury ever. We're also glad that you'll be able to walk again, Rhys. We're assuming your broken back won't stop you from attempting more insane stunts, and we hope that you're luckier/safer in the future. [Red Bull Experiment]

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