TranslucentConcrete a Lighter Way for Load-Bearing

stages-of-translucency.jpgA mixture of traditional concrete and fiber-optics, TranslucentConcrete (not to be confused with translucent concrete—yes, I know) can be used by architects to make load-bearing walls a little more see-through than they normally are. Check the amazing effects in the gallery below.


The concrete can be cast in just about any way possible: bricks; fa├žade plates or paving stones, and you can even incorporate logos in them. The fiber-optics come in different diameters as well—from 2 micro- to 2 mm.

Even colours can be detected through the walls, which can be as thick as you like, as it is only at 20 meters you start to see a loss in light. Expect to see this at the top of many architects' shopping lists in the next decade. [Dezeen]

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