TiVo Does HD Photos with Picasa and Photobucket

TiVo_at_Eiffel.jpgTiVo today announced you can now access accounts with Photobucket and Google's Picasa using any broadband-connected TiVo, and as a bonus, if you have a TiVo HD or Series3, you can see the pics in HD resolution. This isn't necessarily a revolution—you've been able to pull photos locally from your computer for years now, and Photobucket and Picasa aren't exactly the market leaders in this field. While Flickr and Kodak would probably have been our choices, just for the broadest reach, it still might be a nice way to browse not only your photos, but photos of complete strangers, using public tag searches like "puppies," "Alex Rodriguez" or "rough sex." [TiVo]

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