Timberland HT2 Outdoor Performance Watch Gives You Time, Temp, Compass and More

timberland_digital_watch.jpgIf you by some miracle find yourself in the great outdoors this winter, what better accoutrement for your wrist than his Timberland HT2 outdoor performance watch? It has dials on top of dials, of course showing the time in both analogue and digital form for keeping track of four time zones in all, but also times your outdoor frolics down to the 100th of a second. It's lacking GPS, but maybe that's too newfangled for you - in that case, there's an old-timey magnetic compass included in the dial collection, as well as a tachymeter that gives you info about time and distance travelled. It even has a barometer and thermometer to let you know when it might be time to start heading down that big mountain. Available now to various degrees of fanciness, with the leather-banded watch at $US295, up to the silicone-banded, corrosion-free watch for $US345. [Timberland, via Technabob]

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