The Road to CES: A Starter's Primer

Elvis-and-Gizmodo-CES-2008.jpgIf you've just joined us in the last year, you might not be familiar with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics on the planet. What's so special about this one is not only its size, but the fact that companies hold many product announcements so they can debut them at CES, hoping to garner great word of mouth among all the press and industry types in attendance. In fact, most of the products that roll out throughout the year were first shown or hyped at CES the previous January. Now you can see why it's so big.The biggest item revealed at CES last year? The LG Super Multi Blue Blu-ray/HD DVD combo player. Other notable reveals were the Xbox in 2001, the DVD in 1996, and the NES in 1985.

As for Giz, we're going to be hitting the show hard, with live press conference coverage, hands on of new gadgets, and all the updates you need. It's not clear what huge announcements will be made this year, but we'll have them here when they are. You haven't seen the last of the CES primers either—we'll be ramping up all December as we get ready to make the trek to Vegas.

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