The Only Way to Score a Car of the Future...Now

FastLaneCar003.jpgHere is our best advice on how to score a "car of the future." Head to eBay and bid on this "Fastlane" car manufactured for a Universal Pictures project by famous film/GM concept car maker Trans FX. Buy it now for $US14,999.99—an absolute steal to drive a car that no one will possibly own for at least 50 years. Oh, but there's just this one catch (along with some more pics):FastLaneCar002.jpgIt's not actually a car. OK OK, we know, We're horrible. But it could be! Technically just a shell on casters, this strong composite body complete with laser-cut windows is ready to run after some fabrication onto a stretched Fiero chassis.

OK, another catch, only one proper running Fiero exists and it'll cost you $US65,000, but we're pretty sure you could fit another car underneath if you put your mind to it. FastLaneCar006.jpg[ebay via autoblog]

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