The Million-Euro Mobile is A Smorgasbord of Diamonds, Croc and Execrable Taste

goldvish-le-million_48.jpgThis is 1.6 million bucks-worth of telephone. It is hideous. Made by Swiss company Goldvish, the Le Million (what a name, just reeks of (cl)ass, doncha think?) comes in a choice of red, yellow or white gold. Tastefully studded with diamonds and what looks like crocodile skin (although surely croc is far too prosaic for such a phone, perhaps skin from something found in a freezer in Roswell might be more keeping with the exclusiveness of this—this thing) it's not available for just any old pleb, you know.

Just three units are available—yes, you too could be one of the top three plonkers in the world should you choose to become one in Le Million club. Anyway, they're on sale in Russia now, so perhaps Vladimir Putin, with the Man of the Year's fortune recently estimated by some to be as much as $45 billion, would like to snap up all three, gifting one to Hu, one to Bush, and keeping the red one for himself.[Born Rich]

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