The Best iPhone Book Ever Is Now Shipping

chenbookpants.jpgIf you're planning on buying or gifting an iPhone or an iPod Touch this Christmas, might we suggest the book How to Do Everything With Your iPhone to go along with? It's got lots of tips, tricks, and will even teach you how to jailbreak and SIM unlock your iPhone. Oh, and did we mention that it's written by Jason Chen and Adam Pash? Yeah, that's the same Adam from Lifehacker, and the same Jason that you've grown to love here. ME! We just got a big box of books from the publisher and proceeded to do to it what we've done to everything else we love—stick it down our pants. So yes, please buy the book and make both of our Christmases a happy one.

Oh, and thanks to everyone who pre-ordered. You should be getting your books very soon!Buy my book! [Amazon]

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