The A-Team Limousine

a-team_limo.jpgApparently being a soldier of fortune was no longer lucrative because it looks like the former team of crack commandos we all know and love has taken to chauffeuring around partygoers (and appearing in Warcraft ads) to pay the bills. If you have a prom (or other social event) and no one else can help, you can definitely hire the A-Team limo service. And, surprisingly enough, these guys know how to treat a guest. Check out the A-Team limo specs and a video after the break.


What is inside:

•6 plasma TV's w/ DVD •Alpine sound systems •Fiber optic light show ( over 2 million different colours ) •Sequenced strobe lighting effects •Lightening plates •Full bar with with champagne and beer for adults and soft drinks for the kids •Colour wash LED celing •Illuminated leather seating •Headlight strobes and special effects

Despite their image of being notoriously hard to find, the A-Team seems to care little about the authorities on their tail these days. In fact, they are doing business right out in the open and you can hit the link to hire them yourself. You can even purchase a version of the A-Team Limo on Ebay for a starting bid of $US20,500 (bidding ends on December 11th). [A-Team Limos and Ebay auction and Google Groups]

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