The 10 Steps to Dealing With a Broken Light Bulb According to the UK Government

the_ten_steps.jpgA detailed 10 step guide to dealing with broken light bulbs has been drawn up by the UK House of Commons Commission—an organisation responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Parliamentary estate. Naturally, this had many taxpayers in an uproar. In fact, a spokesman for the Taxpayers' Alliance referred to the list as "ridiculous." He went on to gripe about how public officials are being paid to write "guidelines on how to use a dustpan and brush."

I can understand how they might be livid, but are super anal-retentive rules like this more necessary than we might think? Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury after all, and we all know that represents an element of danger. However, Nick Harvey, the Commission spokesman, said nothing of mercury in his response. Instead, he noted that the guidelines were necessary, because "there had been an incident where a light bulb had been broken and placed in a waste paper bin. Someone had picked it out and cut their finger." So it appears that a portion of the commission's £144 million budget is spent on boo-boo prevention. Nice. [Telegraph via NTDWA via Boing Boing]

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