The $100 iPhone/iPod Touch Stand Made from a Piece of Paper

%24100iphonestand.pngOrigami fans—or just people who like money and have a lot of it lying about—might find Enrique Pardo's iPhone accessory interesting. The Swiss photographer and graphic designer folded a $100 bill in all sorts of clever ways and turned it into a stand for either jesusPhone or iPod Touch. How-to video is after the jump, plus a quick Q&A session with Enrique.

Gizmodo: Hey Enrique, how did the idea come about? Enrique Pardo: I made the stand because I had thrown away the little plastic stand that came with my iPod touch. I was taking the train to Paris and spent 3 hours thinking of how I could make my iPod stand to watch a movie."

G: Euros or dollars? EP: My first stand "cost" 20 euro in fact.


G: So why did you make one using a $100 bill rather than a $1 bill? EP: I made the video with a $100 bill just as a joke to say: here's what to do with your $100 Apple rebate for the iPhone—that doesn't come with a stand!

G: And finally, what denomination would you use to make a Zune stand? EP: Concerning the Zune, I have never held one so I can't tell you if this stand would work but if ever I had the chance I'd try to tweak the origami to make a Zune version—why not?

G: Thanks for your time Enrique EP: Thanks for writing and for the link on Gizmodo! Have to look after my bandwidth allowance now ;-) [YouTube via SwissMiss]

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