Teac's Wall-Mounted iPod Dock with CD Player Has Sub, NXT Speakers

teac.jpgJapanese audio company Teac is letting you have it up against the wall next week, with the release of the MC-DX32i iPod dock, AM/FM tuner and CD/CD-R/RW player. Expected to cost around 30,000¥, ($307) the flat-panel system comes with all the gear you need to wall-mount it. Specs are below.5W x 2 channel speakers 15W subwoofer 210 x 81 x 169mm speakers 160 x 335 x 245mm subwoofer 255 x 115 x 169mm, main unit Alarm function Remote control

Tell you the truth, I'm not convinced about iPod dock-CD player combos. [Impress]

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