Superbad DVD Pulled from Wal-mart

51FIw6-2VPL._SS500_.jpgThis may be the first time Gizmodo has reported on a DVD controversy that didn't involve the words "HD" or "Blu." Apparently the special edition of Superbad has been pulled off of Wal-mart shelves in Hawaii because of its inclusion of a novelty fake ID. Remember the movie? It belongs to a certain someone named "McLovin". Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann was none too happy about the ID, even though the card's photo is really a hologram alternating between "Fogell" to "McLovin" (to be fair, I'm of age and I'd love to carry that bad boy in my wallet). So Wal-mart pulled the film from its 7 Hawaii locations. And then sub-21-year-olds turned back to their ways of purchasing good fake IDs and, in some cases, bypassing the temptations of alcohol altogether for abstinence and whippets. [thnt]Thanks Colin!

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