Steve Jobs to be Featured in Epcot Without Woz?

EpcotWoxJobs.jpgEpcot's SpaceShip Earth ride was a little dated, so it's been undergoing a major overhaul. And according to Distant Creations blog, a certain Apple celebrity will be making an appearance. Tinkering on a computer in his garage, the bearded "Jesus version" Jobs will be creating an early prototype Apple computer...alone. That's right, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak reportedly does not make an appearance in the scene (though we're guessing he and Kathy Griffin may be necking in the back of the ride). Also of note: Distant Creations reports that the bearded figure may or may not actually be referred to as Mr. Jobs himself, but that it's inarguable who the figure represents.

Sorry Woz. Methinks that groups of Apple haters and lovers alike will never visit Epcot again. [distantcreations via boingboing]

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