Speedy Power Boat Powered by Human Flab to Circumnavigate the Globe

EcoBoatfront.jpgThis is one radical looking trimaran, but we're still scratching our heads trying to figure out why its owner lipo-sucked his own fat to make biofuel for the 78-foot craft on his way to attempting to break a world speed record for circumnavigating the globe.

Oh, now we get it. It's a publicity stunt to popularize biofuels. Pete Bethune, the captain of the sleek ship EarthRace, had enough fat taken out of his body to produce about 100ml of fuel, and two of his corpulent buddies have contributed some of their own personal lard, where the resulting 10 litres of fat will be enough to help the boat travel about ten kilometres.

But isn't the circumference of the world a bit more than 10 kilometres? Indeed it is, about 40,000 more kilometres will need to be navigated to make it all the way around. Bethune plans to use other biofuels (not made from human fat) to make the trip, in which he hopes to average around 44km/h for 65 days in attempt to beat the current world record of 75 days. Never mind that fat publicity stunt, the real journey begins March 1st of next year. [Daily Mail]

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