Sony's Sexy XEL-1 OLED Display Gets Unboxed

P0101120702GALGI.jpgIf you are pretty good with the old reading sills, you'll know from the title that Sony's XEL-1 OLED display just had an unboxing worth perving over.

It has been an OLED fantastic week here at Gizmodo, and this just polishes off all the dinky display shenanigans. The 1000000:1 contrast ratio has us all dizzy with excitement, but we cannot but help notice that hefty base. We did not make much of it the first time we heard word of the XEL-1, but it seems as though Sony are trying to push a pseudo-skinny on us. We shall excuse them, as we just can't get over that ridiculous contrast ratio. Did we mention it? 1000000:1! That's just crazy talk. If it wasn't Sony, we'd say it's black magic at work. We wait for our own XEL-1 to arrive...oh, it's a long dark wait, with a comparatively pathetic contrast ratio to boot. [TV Snob]

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