Sony Ericsson Z660i Leaked Image, May Not be Genuine

SE%20Z660i%20GI.jpgThe folks at Unwired View have received a leaked shot of a new Sony Ericsson clamshell phone, which totes the Z660i moniker. Besides 3G connectivity, 2MP camera and a thickness of 14mm, not an awful lot is known about the metal clad cellphone. In fact, we cannot be certain the phone even exists. The Z660i first appeared on an Estato forum in the form of a rough sketch, the new leaked shot corroborates with the drawing previously seen. Given the two separate sources are similar, it's looking like this could be the real deal, but we cannot be certain. Either way, we wouldn't expect Santa to be dropping any of these down your chimney; not even he commands power over Sony Ericsson's launch team. It's not right, but that's how these conglomerates role. No respect for Santa—it's plain shocking. [Unwired View]

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