Sony Ericsson Patent Depicts the Auto-Cleaning Future

Auto-Cleaning%20SE%20GI.jpgThose fellows at Unwired View have spotted an interesting Sony Ericsson patent application, which seems to depict an auto-cleaning function for mobile phone screens. The concept is simple; a cleaning blade is coupled to the opening/closing mechanism of a clamshell or slider phone. When the phone is flipped/slid open, the cleaning blade runs across the length of the screen removing grubby prints.The same process repeats in reverse when the phone is closed, keeping your screen in good viewing condition at all times. It's a good concept, much like communism is a good concept. Ultimately, it will end up making more problems than it solves. That fiddly cleaning utensil is sure to snap off, at which point the remnants of the device will end up scratching your sexy display. Even if it doesn't break, the cleaning process will soon get really annoying, unless it is super speedy, (which it definitely won't be). Either way, you're better off just washing your filthy, chubby, clammy, blotchy, putrid paws. [Unwired View]

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