Solar City Teams Up With Tesla for Solar-Powered Sports Car Driving

tesla_blue_sporty.jpgOne of the problems we can see with the Tesla Roadster is that you still have to suck up pollution-causing power to run the thing, even though it doesn't directly pollute the air with noxious internal combustion engine fumes. Now Solar City has teamed up with Tesla to provide solar panels that you install on the roof of your house, and then those panels feed power to the outlet for the Tesla Roadster. So now you can go from 0-60 in 4 seconds, guilt- and gasoline-free.The way Solar City figures it, if you have a daily commute of 40 miles, you'll require 500 square feet of solar panels on your house's roof to power the Tesla Roadster for a 40-mile commute each day. Install a 20x25-foot array of solar panels, and then you're on your way to carbon-neutral driving. solarcity_tesla.jpg But cost is another matter. The Tesla roadster will be $100K, and though Solar City's not talking price just yet, add another, say, $10K for these panels, and energy will be about the only thing you're saving. But if you can get rebates for such things where you live, and it's always sunny there, this just might be worth it to you. [Autoblog Green, via Ecotality Life]

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