Smooth Agile DMT Fitness Machine Works Muscles You Didn't Know You Had

Agile%20DMT%20front.jpgThis Smooth Agile DMT is one sophisticated piece of exercising paraphernalia. Its claim to fame is its 12 levels of motion and 20 levels of intensity, going far beyond mere elliptical trainers. It has nine preset programs to help you with your workout, or you can create your own routines, and the machine shows you instant feedback and your heart rate with its LED display. This is some serious exercising equipment, weighing 390 pounds and costing just under $US4000. But hey, if it's going to make a woman's waist look like that, what do you think is going to do for your abs? We're sold. [Smooth Fitness]

Agile DMT PanelAgile DMT PedalsAgile DMT Side

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