SmartSink Uses Height-Calculating Software to Save Your Back

MIT student Leonardo B has come up with an idea for a sink that positions itself depending on the height of the user and adjusts its temperature depending on what you are putting in it. (This is useful when you are nudging 6'0", whilst your husband struggles to hit the 3'6" mark*, even when he is wearing what he refers to as "gypsy shoes.") Video, plus explanation of how the sink works, below.

As you approach the sink, a camera and custom-built software calculates, using your line of sight, how tall you are. The sink then adjusts its height accordingly, and a second camera clocks the object to be washed, determining the temperature of the water. [TechEBlog]

*This is obviously a joke. J is 6'0" (or 1.80 meters, as they say in Euroland.)

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