Ski Mojo Cradles Butts, Irritates Skiing Purists

skimojo.jpgIt has been a month or two since the Ski Mojo made its debut, but given the fact that winter is fast approaching for many of us, it seems more appropriate to alert any older, weaker and lazier skiers out there now. After all, the Ski Mojo allows these folks to better enjoy a day on the slopes thanks to shock absorbers set around the thighs. It is intended to minimize aches and pains while increasing stamina and promoting better skiing posture. Not surprisingly some purists were outraged. According to Mark Frary, wintersports editor of The Times of London, the Ski Mojo is a device for "pampered skiers" that is comparable to "heated chairlift seats." Personally, I don't see the harm in protecting your thighs and knees from the stresses of downhill skiing. It's not like most of us are racing in the Olympics or anything. But then again, I'm a lazy, lazy man. Available for £289 or around $675. [Product Page via MedGadget]

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