'Silent Night' for Dogs a Big Hit in New Zealand

DogREX2512_228x322.jpgWho says dogs had to be left out of all the Christmas cheer? Enterprising musicians in Auckland, New Zealand recorded a special synthesized version of "Silent Night" using frequencies that are so high and it only dogs can hear them. The kicker? It was a huge hit.

Apparently dogs all over New Zealand are tilting back and howling their fool heads off at the $3 CD, because "A Very Silent Night" has reached number three on the pop charts in New Zealand. Its success is understandable, because there's nothing quite as hilarious and entertaining as a dog howling away at a siren, other dogs howling, the moon, or our favorite, a harmonica.

We're pretty sure the dogs are howling because of pleasure, not pain. It must not be too unpleasant for dogs—the fund-raising single was sponsored by New Zealand's Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. For us, it sure beats the hell out of those dogs barking out "Jingle Bells." [Daily Mail, via Spluch]

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