Shark Attacks Let'sGoDigital Reporter as She Reviews Underwater Cameras in the Bahamas

shark-attack.jpgThis is the kind of thing you really don't want to happen to you, but if it does, and you survive, you will never have to buy another drink in a bar ever again. Karin Brussaard went shark-hunting in the Bahamas to write a tech review of the Nikon D80 in a Sea and Sea underwater housing. When a moody tiger shark got too close, one of her colleagues pushed him away with the camera. This was, perhaps, not a such a good idea. There's a gallery of Katrin's shots below, plus her account of what happened.


The next day we see more tiger sharks and I slowly start to get used to these enormous beasts. During a dive at sunset we are treated to four great tiger sharks. As a team we work together and take turns taking photos. At a given moment one of the sharks gets in too close to one of the divers and Jim intervenes. He gives the shark a push with the camera. The tiger shark is not impressed. He grabs hold of the camera and swims aggressively away with it. I am feeling uncomfortable and go through my oxygen quickly. Luckily the shark eventually lets go of the camera and swims away. Once we are back on board Jim asks if anyone made a photo of it. I ask him if he's crazy. When I look at my photos that night I realise someone did take photos...

For a full review and all of Karin's beautiful photos, go check out her report on Let'sGoDigital. [Let's Go Digital]

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