Send Photos From Phone to Web With Belkin Kodak Bluetooth USB Adapter

Belkin_Kodak_BT_Adapter.jpgIt's annoying that so many good (or terrible) photos are stuck inside your cameraphone. Belkin's F8T012 Bluetooth adaptor gives your computer Bluetooth 2.0 for all your diabolical purposes, but it also specifically lets you wirelessly drop photos from mobiles, for printing, storing or uploading. This can often be a pain, especially when you're dealing with a phone from a "walled-garden" carrier. The good news is, a cursory glance of the phone compatibility list showed a lot of phones you might not expect, like the LG VX8700. And it gives you 100-metre range for $58, the same cost as Belkin's non-Kodak Bluetooth adapter. [Belkin]

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