Sega and NeuroSky Working Together on Mind-Controlled Toys

neurosky.jpgApparently a second coming of the Dreamcast was a little too much for Sega to handle, but getting into the mind-controlled toy business is right up their alley. According to a recent announcement, Sega will be teaming up with NeuroSky —a company that specialises in bio-sensor and signal processing systems, to develop toys that "take play to the next level" by allowing players to use brainwaves and other bio-signals as a means of control.

Unfortunately, neither company was in the mood to elaborate on the subject, so the exact nature of the device(s) are unknown. In the end, this tatic may backfire given the fact that the final product will most likely fall well short of what our imaginations can conjure up. Feel free to speculate...wildly. [Wired]

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