Samsung Set to Show Off 31-Inch OLED Screen at CES 2008

images.jpegIt looks like Samsung is upping the ante in the OLED world. The Korean manufacturer has announced that it is developing a 31-inch OLED TV with a thickness of just 4.3mm, and will be showcasing in just two weeks' time, at CES. More details of the AM-OLED display are below.

As yet, there are no details on when the 31-incher will be available—or how much the thing will cost. The company is, however, already plowing ahead with mass-production of 14-incher OLEDs, which should be available next year.

AM-OLED, or active-matrix organic light-emitting diode technology, produces brighter images and use less power. Samsung's OLED display has a lifespan of 35,000 hours, which makes it the best-performing OLED display so far.

First out of the starting stalls was Sony, whose 11-inch OLED screens went on sale in November of this year, and whose largest display is, so far, 27 inches. [Reuters]

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