RoboPhilo Features Twenty Programmable Parts for Under $500

robophilo.jpg With 20 programmable servos, which can be with a PC or included remote, the RoboPhilo looks like a sweet weekend hobby project. At first glance, RoboPhilo looks like that RoboSapien which is all looks and no performance. But according to Technabob, RoboPhilo is highly advanced for only costing US$499, and if the video is any indication, I'd also agree.The 20 programmable servos control major limbs like arms and legs, his head, and all the joints inbetween. RoboPhilo stands 13-inches tall, assembled and ready to use out of the box, meaning this could be fun for robo-builders of all skill levels. [RoboBrothers via Robots-Dreams via Technabob]

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