Ringboxx Gives Your Home Phone a Slice of the Ringtone Action


Let's face it, the ringtone on your home phone is dull and annoying. Fortunately, the Ringboxx can change all that by getting your home phone in on the custom ringtone party. Users can connect the device to a PC and download a tone from a collection of thousands of popular songs. It can even be programmed to sync tunes with individual numbers so you always know who is calling. The one drawback to the device seems to be that it does not replace the ringer from your phone. In order to use the device you would have to turn the phone ringer off and use the volume control on the Ringboxx to control the sound. On the plus side, the unit can be plugged-in between your phone and the outlet or independently in any spare jack, making it fairly easy to use. Generally, the Ringboxx will run you $US50, and each tone will tack on another dollar — but they are currently running a promotion that offers a unit plus 10 free tones to "ring in" the holidays for only $US39.95. [Product Page via DVICE]

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