RIAA PR Masquerading as Real News: Pirated Music "Sounds Atrocious," Funds the Mob and Killed My Mum

This clip is rich. If you've taken a journo class, you know that companies send these video junkets out to lazy local news producers all the time that sorta look like news but are really just PR propaganda. This one's just hilariously blatant RIAA fodder though, with awesome bits like, "Prices that are extremely low indicate a CD is pirated." Because low CD prices are totally ridiculous.

And danger, music fans, the audio quality of pirated music is "usually atrocious." But don't worry, the industry's "offering cool, innovative ways" to get music like "digital album gift cards" and "Christmas-themed ringtones." Jinkies, that's cutting edge. Are they selling Hanukkah MiniDiscs too? [Live Leak via Slashdot]

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