Rechargeable Light Bulb Ignores the Existence of the Torch

The%20Load%20GI.jpgWhat do you do when the power goes out and you're stuck without a light to guide your urine safely into the lavatory? You could grab a torch as an illuminating aid, or you could screw convention and keep a rechargeable light bulb, named the Load, continually charged in case your power does go out. (Does that even ever happen anymore?) Who needs a battery dependent torch? Why not instead have an awkward, mains-leeching, portable light bulb?

On a semi plus note, the Load will provide you with 5-hours of light on a single charge, and is made of durable plastic, so chucking it around for funzies is an option. Perhaps I should not knock it too hard, it does look interesting, and it could make for a great prop at a Harry Potter themed party. Hmm, a Harry Potter themed party; would that not be the best themed party idea since dirty Disney house party escapades? Minnie Mouse looked hotter in cartoon form, this much I can assure you. [Yanko Design]

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