Raytheon's 360-Degree Image Sensor Provides Unswerving All-Around View

Hydra.jpgIn like very single movie, the ninja outsmarts the security system by waiting until the motorised camera pans the other way. Well what if, asks Raytheon, what if the camera didn't have to swerve? Parabolic mirrors and other devices have been used to create 360-degree cameras before. (I once shot footage on one in Grand Central Terminal back in 1999, and used software to de-distort the shot into a nice pannable interactive movie.) But the Eagle-300 takes it further: the sensor itself can see in all directions, for better resolution at longer ranges. Right now, this thing is only coveted by border security firms run by people with (seriously not made-up) names like Harry "Skipper" Darlington IV, but how soon until this breakthrough can give us that 360-degree cameraphone we truly deserve? [Raytheon; Hydra image source]

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